Thinking about ordering some CBD oil or other cannabis products online but aren’t sure how to do it…let me walk you through how easy it is

There are many different websites that sell cannabis online. It can be overwhelming with where to start. I will walk you through how easy it is for me to buy my prescription CBD oil online. I got my prescription from a doctor at a Pain Clinic because I really want to see if a dosing schedule and someone overseeing it all will work for me but you don’t need a prescription to buy cannabis here in Canada. Every province has their own way of selling it. In my province you can purchase cannabis at, but I will go over that later in the post.

To purchase my prescription CBD oil, I go to Your doctor will send the prescription right to them and someone from Emblem will contact you to ask you questions, go over the dosing schedule and even offer to help you order your first purchase with you over the phone. By the way, you can always call them and order over the phone if you’re not comfortable doing it online. Here are some step by step photos of how I order my CBD oil online.

You will receive your Client ID from Emblem once they receive your prescription.

To purchase from the Ontario website where you don’t need a prescription if you’re a resident, you have to go to as I mentioned above.

The website is set up in a similar way. If you want to buy cannabis to smoke, you would look under dried flower, click on filter and then it allows you to pick between the different kinds. To learn more about the differences, please read the post on my blog called “How cannabis has helped my Ankylosing Spondylitis and my Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.

There’s also a “Learn how to choose cannabis” tab at the top of this page if you still aren’t sure what you should purchase.

The product with either website arrives in an unidentifiable package, hand delivered to your door. You will be asked to provide identification to the delivery person.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, I would really appreciate a like and a follow. 😊

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